About Me

I’m Amanda.  I’m in my mid-30s and have been married to Andrew since Oct. 2002.  We have two dogs, Beacon and Haven.  I’m currently living in west Michigan but have spent some time in PA, FL, and MD.

I’m always looking to meet new friends.  So if you stop by say hi!  And I hope you’ll visit again.

I enjoy reading, writing, and photography.  Welcome to my writings!  And if you’re interested check out my book and movie review blog.

I’ve also started a group photography blog!  To see what it’s all about click here.

[And, yes, I know that the bird in the banner is not a passerine.  :) ]


2 Responses to About Me

  1. Hi Amanda, I am glad that I found you here in WP, I am still getting used to where everyone is and who they are since some of the neighbors have changed their blog names. I hope I get so see post about Beacon, and Haven, oh and of course you and Andrew too.

    ps I just wanted to let you know your link here in the about page does not go to your book and movie review blog, it links right back to the home page of Perched Ponderings

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