Week 1 Treatment for Beacon



So Sad

This photo was taken last Friday before we went to meet with the oncologist.  Beacon’s definitely feeling out of it.  He looks skinny here but it doesn’t really show just how easy it is to see his bones.  He has a shaved spot on the other side of his body as well from where our regular vet tried to remove fluid when he had his tooth pulled.  We keep calling these his windows!

Beacon had his official week 1 treatment for lymphoma this morning.  He did well and the vet told us that his swollen lymph nodes are at least half the size that they were this past Friday.  So he responded well to the IV meds he was given last week. 

He has lost about 10 pounds since all of this started!  He finally got his appetite back Sunday evening.  But it wasn’t until yesterday that he has been eating a full day’s worth of food.  We’re still giving him soft food (a combination of soaked regular food and canned) due to the tooth extraction.  We’ll be doing that likely through the weekend.  Because the soaked food puffs up so much I’ve been feeding him four times a day so that his stomach doesn’t get too full at one time.  Thankfully he has been interested in eating food, even after returning home from his treatment this morning.

His personaly is also pretty much back to normal.  He’ll hang out with us rather than going off on his own somewhere to rest.  He’ll bark if he sees some animal outside that he feels is invading his turf.  And he has gone back to chewing on Haven’s ears.  He must be feeling better! 

We’re still letting him rest and not doing anything that will tire him out too quickly.  I’ll probably start taking him for a walk down the driveway to get the mail.  And once he starts putting gaining the weight he lost we’ll work fetching back into the routine. 

We’re thankful that so far he’s responding to treatment and acting a lot more like himself.  He’s a trooper!

I’ve been working a bit on a new blog.  For some reason I feel like a fresh start is needed.  I’ll still continue to poke my head out here from time to time.  And I think this new blog where will be one where I’m not always trying to reply to comments left.  Sure, I  like comments (and I believe even “annonymous” people can comment so you don’t have to have an account to say something – although identifying yourself will help me!) but I’m sure I’ll be busy enough that writing posts will take time let alone feeling pressure to reply to comments.  Although knowing me I’ll still try and reply to them from time to time so show appreciation.  So we’ll see how my new blog (ad)venture goes.  I’ll be posting a link on Facebook when I’m ready for a reveal.  If we’re not friends on FB and you want a link when I share it let me know!

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2 Responses to Week 1 Treatment for Beacon

  1. mizunogirl says:

    So sorry that Beacon has to go through all this. From your report he seems to be feeling better though, which is great.

    • Amanda says:

      Beacon’s doing a lot better now compared to when the photo in this post was taken. We’re happy that his personality is just about back to normal and that he’s interested in food. We’re still taking things slowly and monitoring his progress but things are looking good early on.

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