Lack of Posting

I seem to continually write that I mean to post more but never end up doing it.  I’ve been reading blogs here but not doing much posting.  Honestly I don’t have the time.  And sometimes I don’t have the motivation, especially since I’ve been trying to keep up with posting in multiple blogs. 

Unfortunately since WordPress is one of the newer places I’m blogging it tends to be the least up to date.  For now I will likely discontinue posting here.  In my mind I keep thinking that at some point I’ll have more time and motivation to post here but honestly I don’t know if and when that will happen.  Life will only get busier in my world! 

I’ll still leave this space open in the event that I want to ramble about something.  And I’ll still be reading and commenting on blogs here when I can.  :)

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3 Responses to Lack of Posting

  1. aw. i’ll miss ya on here! i really love your pictures :)

  2. Aussie Emjay says:

    I will miss you and the dogs.

  3. I’ll miss you, but it makes sense. You’re life is about to get pretty busy! I’ll still check in with you on FB, though :o)

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