Life’s Happenings via Photos

I have been taking photos from time to time so I thought I’d post an update using them.

Returning with the Bumper

The snow is finally gone.  But before it all melted away the dogs continued to have fun in the backyard fetching and playing in it.

Haven's 'Do

Haven stares at me.  She’s likely wanting to try something I’m eating or wants her breakfast.  I took this though because I thought her ears looked like she got a perm and is trying a little flip ‘do.

Andrew Fetching

During one of our fetch sessions with the dogs Andrew’s toss of the bumper ended up behind him and on the roof of the screened in porch.  It required rescuing.

Waiting Patiently

A couple weeks ago I took Beacon to one of his favorite river fetching spots.  We went out again the end of last week but I didn’t take the camera with me.


After a while he does start to get cold but if I were to keep throwing the bumper for him he’d keep fetching!

Looking for Haven

Once he starts shivering too much I make him stop fetching.  Here we’re looking for Andrew and Haven who are running on the trails and planned on meeting us.

Beaver Work

A beaver has been busy here!

Still Accumulating Things

Remember that photo of the dining room table from my last post?  More things are accumulating!!!

Messed up Wall

We’ve been slowly working on the nursery.  This wall is our main slow down.  The previous owners totally messed up the drywall so we’ve been having to scrape wallpaper off it and will have to take some additional steps in preparing it for paint.  Thankfully it’s the only wall this way in the room.


Andrew and his brother had these cubes and used them when they were growing up.  They’re each 1×2.  We’ll be painting these to match the walls and using them as a dresser/changing table as well as for organization and storage in the closet in the nursery.

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6 Responses to Life’s Happenings via Photos

  1. mizunogirl says:

    Great Photos!!!! I love the cubes! that wall looks like quite a chore!!!!

    Hope Spring comes to you very very very soon. Glad the snow is gone!

  2. LOVE these pictures. also, can i have your dogs :P so cute!

  3. Aussie Emjay says:

    I love the shot of Beacon sitting in the snow looking up at you. That wall looks challenging – I’m sure it will be lovely when the room is finished. It’s lovely to have something from Andrew’s childhood for your baby.

    • Amanda says:

      Beacon’s always so focused when he’s fetching – eye on the prize!

      I’m looking forward to using the cubes in the nursery. Not only are they cool but they’ve got some family history. We’ll also be using an old rocker from my parents’ house.

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