We ended up with between 15 and 16 inches of snow here.  There are also some drifts that are close to 30 inches.  It took us five hours to clear the driveway and shovel the deck in the backyard!!  A local news station was calling this the Groundhog Day Dump, which made Andrew think that good old Phil had Taco Bell the night before.

Andrew took most of the photos as I was the one doing most of the snow blowing in the driveway.  When we moved to the backyard we had the dogs out there with us (for about an hour and a half).  We played with them for a bit before we shoveled the deck.

Andrew used his shovel handle to mark off various heights so he could measure the snow in various spots around the house.

It took double the time to clear the driveway.  There was so much snow that I had to go over everything twice!  At least toward the end the sun started coming out.  At this point Andrew’s finishing up a small part of the driveway while I take a break (and some photos).

I trudged through snow up to my knees or a little above to take a look at the back porch.  Once we were done with the front of the house it was time to tackle the deck.  And have the dogs come out to play!

There was a 22″ drift leading into the backyard from the carport.

The dogs had fun playing with Andrew in the snow.  He had our little camera, which is waterproof, and was also taking photos and video.  The dogs seemed to like using Andrew as a home base while playing.  They didn’t care if they were stepping or jumping on him.

Beacon’s intent look.  He’s waiting to see if Andrew has something for him to fetch.

Both dogs had to bunny hop through the snow because it was so deep.  We did end up walking around and making some trails so they could get around a little easier.

Haven was being clingy.  She thought that sitting on Andrew was a lot better than having her girlie bits in the deep snow.  Andrew took this self portrait.

If you look at this Flickr album you’ll see more photos that we took as well as some videos – two more in addition to the two below.

This is what happened when the dogs were playing and Andrew was taking a video.

I was also taking a video during some of this and here’s what I saw from my point of view!

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6 Responses to Snowy!

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    That’s a lot of snow to have to move! It’s so nice to watch animals playing in the snow – they look like they are having so much fun even though it’s so cold!! Great shots.

  2. Wow…you guys got hammered by snow! We got some snow, but more ice than anything. Your pups look like they had a good time romping through the drifts. I’ve taken Boewyn out to play a few times, but now that he is blind the snow makes him really disoriented (I think it covers up his sniffing trails) and he doesn’t want anything to do with it. In fact, the first few times he went out to go to the bathroom he was actually pretty frightened. He’s getting used to it now, but I think his playing in the snow days are over. That makes me so sad….we used to have so much fun after a big storm :(

  3. amcoop says:

    WOW! I will stop complaining about our snow, now. LOL I am so glad I don’t have to deal with that much. I love the dog antics! Haven sitting on Andrew is my favorite – she is such a smart girl (and an obvious lover of warm, comfy things). :-)

    Hopefully by now things have eased up a bit weather-wise and are getting back to normal for you…

    • Amanda says:

      That photo of Haven sitting on Andrew is my favorite too. She cracks me up.

      All of the snow is still here since it has been so cold but we haven’t gotten much on top of the big storm. They say we’ll be a bit above freezing next week which will feel like a heat wave!

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