Only a Month Into Winter?

With the east coast getting walloped with snow again this year I know I shouldn’t complain about our weather.  We’ve had snow but nothing measured in feet.  Although I think I’d rather a dumping of snow and then a period of calmness.  We’ve been getting a couple inches of snow every day or every other day.  It’s like the Groundhog Day movie!

We’ve had some periods of really cold weather.  The dogs don’t even like going outside.  After seeing this video I wonder if Beacon and Haven would like body sledding.  :)

And this is Haven!

A couple years ago while we were out hiking with the dogs Haven actually came back with a deer leg!  I wish I had the camera at the time.  It was hard not to laugh while telling her to drop it!  She looked so proud.

I know that every time I post here I say that I want to post more often and it doesn’t seem to happen.  I’ve even been slacking at replying to comments you’ve left!

I have some photos of birds that I’ve taken but haven’t uploaded yet.  Maybe sometime soon(ish!) I’ll do that and make another post.  I’ve even fallen behind in my thought that I’d post photos at least once a week!

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One Response to Only a Month Into Winter?

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    Love the video! Haven is having so much fun sliding down the slope.

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