Life’s Ramblings

I keep saying and thinking that I’ll post here more often.  So far this year that hasn’t happened.  We’ll see if I get better or worse as the year marches on.

Yesterday Andrew and I went with his parents to see Cirque du Soleil: Dralion.  It was awesome!  We had great seats.  Lots of fun acts.  The time we were there went so quickly!


We went out for a late lunch / early dinner afterward and then went to my MIL’s mom’s house for a bit.  Most of the time there we were looking at old photos.

When we got out of the car once we were back home we heard two or three owls calling back and forth to each other!  One was right over us!  We were able to shine a flashlight on him or her to get a better look.  We’re not sure what kind of owl we saw though.  It didn’t sound like the ones we usually hear and after listening to owl calls online we still couldn’t tell for sure.  No matter what kind it was cool to hear it so close and even be able to see it.

I’ve been stalking Lily the Black Bear lately.  I actually started a little over a year ago after reading about her in a blog.  I watched her give birth live last year!  And since then I’ve followed the saga of Lily and Hope over the summer.  Now the wait is on for Lily to give birth again.  Facebook has been a good way to find out if there’s anything happening on the cam worth seeing!

Friday night we finally watched Inception.  I’ve been waiting for my turn to come up in the library hold system.  We both really liked it.  I’m even thinking about writing a post just for this movie in my review blog where I’ll include spoilers.

A wintery mess is coming.  I’m hoping that we’ll be on the all snow side of this event but the weather people are showing us near the line between all snow and snow then freezing rain before turning to snow again.  We haven’t had any big storms yet this winter.  This week it seems like we’ll be getting a few inches every couple of days.  I’d rather get dumped on, dig out, and then have good roads again.

Finally, the end of last year I submitted three photos for an “Our Town” calendar done through our local paper.  One of my photos was selected!

194/365 Yummy BreadIt’s my banner for this blog and was taken the middle of July – used as one of my Project 365 photos.  Pretty cool!

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3 Responses to Life’s Ramblings

  1. Jane says:

    Lol – nice shot. Could be a greeting card

  2. amcoop says:

    I am SO far behind on comments – but I am keeping up with everyone’s blogs! :) I was just mentioning to Neil that I would love to go to a Cirque show…glad to hear you enjoyed it.

    I hope you all are surviving the crazy winter weather that seems to be hitting everywhere this year.

  3. Congrats on your picture being chosen. Well done!

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