347-355/365 Photos

At the rate I’ve been posting photos lately it’s likely that there will be one last Project 365 post from me (and maybe not until after the first of the year) after this one.  Nothing spectacular in this set.  I can tell that I’m looking forward to the end of the year and taking at least one photo each day.

347/365 Fresh SnowI love fresh, untouched snow before cars, animals, or people pass by.

348/365 Icy StalactitesDue to snow and then temps around freezing with sun icy stalactites formed.

349/365 Chuck's TreeAndrew, being a huge Peanuts fan, likes his Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

350/365 BrrrBefore the official start of winter we had some chilly mornings.  I’m sure more will come in January and February.

351/365 StockingsOur stockings are hung with care from wine bottles above our bookcases!  Next year we’ll probably use the mantel we have in the family room.  The human stockings are from our childhood.  My parents got the one for the dogs last year or the year before.

352/365 Name OrnamentsThe humans and canines even have personalized ornaments on the tree.

353/365 Floral ChaosThis is our spare bedroom.  We call it the floral chaos room and we hate the wallpaper in here.  But we’ve never done anything with it in the almost 8 years that we’ve lived here.  Who knows when it’ll get attention since the old computer room will eventually be the baby’s room.

354/365 Chinese Food DinnerMy Chinese food treat.  I usually get something from a restaurant in town as a treat whenever Andrew’s traveling for work.  And I typically make whatever I get last 3 or 4 meals!

355/365 Bird OrnamentsMore ornaments on our tree.  Cool, small stuffed birds!

It’s not likely that I’ll be posting here again until after Christmas.  I hope everyone has a great one!

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5 Responses to 347-355/365 Photos

  1. jbenick says:

    Charming post. Also, that photo of the wallpaper reminds me of the paper in our one room. Almost looks like it’s gift wrapped.

  2. Aussie Emjay says:

    I love that you both still have stockings from your childhood! We didn’t have stockings – we had a pillow case on the end of our beds. :-) I love the stalactites! It seems to have them in the same series as those warm temps on your thermometer! :-)

    Best Wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    • Amanda says:

      My mom even has hers from her childhood now. But they usually put up the ones that match mine. I think pillow cases would have been cool to have! Andrew used one of those for his Halloween candy.

      I hope you and the manservant enjoy the holidays!

  3. Aw, the Charlie Brown tree! I almost bought one of those this year, because I have always been a huge Peanuts fan. Maybe I will next year.

    Love the ornaments on the tree, btw….we do the same thing! Boewyn has two ornanments, one with his name on a bone and one that my mom found that looks just like him. And of course, the kitties all have their names on teeny-tiny stockings on the fireplace!

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