336-346/365 Photos

336/365 Junk Drawer CleaningAndrew worked on cleaning out our junk drawers. Apparently we have a thing for matches and various kinds of tape!

337/365 Treat TrainingHaven doesn’t like the canister for the vacuum.  In order to get her to come near it and realize it’s not an evil monster we entice her with treats.

338/365 Old MachineryWhile visiting the Waterville Mill there was lots of cool, old machinery.

339/365 Baby ClaireWe went to visit our new niece, Claire.  She was born on Dec. 1 and four days old when we met her.  She’s such a cutie!

340/365 Ice SculptureThe annual ice sculpture contest had some great entries again.  This is one of them.

341/365 Skate ParkNot much action at the skate park with some snow on the ground.

342/365 Baby S.Because I was measuring a little big at my first appointment with the doctor we were sent for an ultrasound.  Turns out the “results” are only three days ahead of the due date I was originally given so it’s not likely that the date will be changed.  Still it was cool to see the baby moving around and watch little blips on the screen as the heart beat.

343/365 RecyclingFrom now on our recycling will be picked up every other week.  But this time it was three weeks so we had an overflowing bin.  We usually put out more recycling than trash!   And one of the overflow bags isn’t even in the photo.

344/365 Paw PrintsPaw prints in the snow on the deck.

345/365 On the TracksWe went out to scope out some potential future trails in our city.  Part of our exploring was along these train tracks.

346/365 Snowball BlingHaven (l) and Beacon (r) sport some snowball bling.  We were outside playing with them before it really started snowing.  I’ll have to upload one of the videos of Beacon attacking the snowman that we built for him.

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4 Responses to 336-346/365 Photos

  1. Jane says:

    Lol – the snowball bling. They look so funny just sitting there.

  2. Aussie Emjay says:

    I love the railway tracks – tracks always make a great subjects. And the ultra sound photo is cool – it is so exciting to see all those cells make a little human.

  3. Freedom Smith says:

    Wonderful pictures!! The ultrasound is awesome!

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