Waterville Mill Visit

IMG_4033Saturday afternoon we got a tour of the Waterville Mill.  It’s a really old mill that still has a lot of original machinery and construction materials.  Without electricity I had to rely on using a flash when taking photos, which don’t do the building and its contents justice.

It’s certainly a building that needs a lot of work.  But you can also tell that there’s a lot of history within the walls.  The wood wheels all around were quite cool.

IMG_4038The machinery was interesting to see as well.

IMG_4048IMG_4077Andrew even went into the basement and took some photos. I decided that I didn’t want to go down a rickety ladder.

IMG_4093IMG_4106I like looking at old buildings like this and wondering what went on in them during their prime.

IMG_4111I took a lot more photos, which can be seen in this Flickr album.

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6 Responses to Waterville Mill Visit

  1. Jane says:

    Great old building. It’s a wonder you’re allowed inside.

    • Amanda says:

      It’s not open to the public. Our city is looking at various ideas on what to do to improve our river walk area. Restoring and moving this mill is one of the suggestions so Andrew and some of the other City Council members went to take a look at it. The current owner showed us around. It’s definitely not safe for just anyone to wander around in!

      • Jane says:

        Aahh, I see. It would be nice to see it restored. Sad when historic buildings like that just crumble away.

        Good lord, lol, Betty’s asleep in the next room and you should hear her snoring and whistling.

        • Amanda says:

          Ha! Go Betty! Beacon makes some interesting noises when he sleeps. Sometime he even wakes me up in the middle of the night! Haven just likes to run in her sleep but is usually quiet.

  2. Aussie Emjay says:

    That’s a beautiful old building. I hope they restore it too. There is a restored mill here in Rock Creek Park – it’s lovely and quite popular with tourists. It’s called Pierce Mill and was built in the 1820’s.

    • Amanda says:

      Even if our city doesn’t take the building I hope someone will. There’s a lot of history and coolness about the building and not many like it around.

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