327-335/365 Photos

327/365 Duck FeedingEach time I go to feed the ducks now I think it’ll be the last until spring.  This time it might actually be true.

328/365 GamesAndrew and I played some Phase 10.  Overall he won the most games.  I think he cheated.

329/365 Stuffing the BirdThis looks more like an operation than stuffing the turkey.  Neither my dad or Andrew like touching raw meat.  So my dad wears gloves.  Andrew was called in for an emergency assist and didn’t have time to scrub in.

330/365 Making SoupMmmm, making turkey noodle soup.

331/365 Eye on the PrizeBeacon and his favorite thing to do.  Nothing more needs to be said (or written).

332/365 Corn PuddingI made corn pudding for one of our family gatherings.

333/365 Blue BirdsBlue Birds at the base of the feeder.  And a junco in the background.

334/365 DessertYummy and easy to make dessert I tried out after seeing them at a family gathering.

335/365 First Sticking SnowFirst snow of the year to stick around.  Lots of crashes on the freeway as people remember how to drive in the stuff.

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2 Responses to 327-335/365 Photos

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    I’ve never heard of Phase 10 .. love the snow shot (the first fall of the season is always the prettiest… :-) ) ; your corn pudding looks nice – I’ve never tried one and LOL at the procedure to stuff the turkey!

    • Amanda says:

      Phase 10 is pretty fun. It’s more fun with more than two people playing though. I agree that the first snow of the year is pretty. After that it starts to get old quickly. :)

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