Fetching is Serious Business

At least for Beacon.  Yesterday Andrew and I (Andrew’s off this week using vacation time) took Beacon to do some water fetching.

On the Way to the Fetch SpotHe knows what’s going to happen.  Usually it takes a while to get to the water because every time Beacon pulls we stop and make him sit or wait for a few seconds before continuing on.

Good RetrieverHe can’t wait for the bumper to be thrown.  Most of the time he sees where it splashes and doesn’t have a problem swimming to the bumper.  But sometimes he looses sight of it and we have to throw a rock near it for him to get back on track, as seen in this video.

"Stay"Beacon sits and obeys “stay” while Andrew gets ready to throw the bumper.  Although sometimes he does start whining and screaming if we’re taking too long.

Big LeapAnd once the bumper is thrown Beacon is off!  I like how you can see the spot where the bumper splashed in the distance.

Returning to ShoreHe’s satisfied once he gets the bumper and comes back to shore.

Leading the WayWe then hike a short ways along a trail.  Beacon likes to carry the bumper with him as he goes ahead to make sure that the coast is clear.

Bumper LeashHe’s so into carrying the bumper that we can hook the leash to it rather than his collar.  As we walk along he sounds like some kind of bird.  And he also drops the bumper which makes it fly back at us as seen in this video.

Jumping InOn our way back to the car we throw the bumper a few more times.  The end of this video shows how Beacon shakes when he comes to shore and then brings the bumper (eventually) to Andrew’s feet for another throw.  The camera card filled up before Beacon actually got the bumper completely to Andrew though.

On the way back to the car we passed a couple with a dog and Beacon was making noises because he was cold and still excited from fetching.  They asked if it was the dog making the noise or the dog making the bumper make a noise!

We couldn’t leave Haven out so when we got back we took her out to a different spot to hike around.   She did go into the river a little bit but she’s too prissy to want to get too cold.  She’d rather wander around sniffing.  I didn’t take too many photos since by then the light was going away.

Andrew Silly FaceAt one point it looks like Haven’s going to push Andrew down a hill.  He’s saying something to her and I capture a silly face.

I Can Do that TooThen it looks like Haven’s trying to copy that silly face!

There were a lot of trees down in the woods. At one point Andrew was climbing on some of them. Haven likes walking along logs too and was up on one but got “concerned” as Andrew started climbing around more.

Last night both dogs were content and tired.  They’re even looking pretty lazy today!

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4 Responses to Fetching is Serious Business

  1. Jane says:

    Does Beacon have an enormous appetite??

  2. Aussie Emjay says:

    Oh Beacon is having a wonderful time! I imagine the water is pretty cold though.

    • Amanda says:

      Yeah, the water was cold but he doesn’t care. We’ve had him out when there’s snow on the ground but water isn’t frozen! His skin gets all pink and he can’t fetch as long but he doesn’t care. He’s on a mission when it comes to fetching, especially in the water!

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