Christmas Through Lowell


This weekend is the annual Christmas Through Lowell event.  Businesses have specials.  And local artists open their homes or have booths in various bigger locations to sell their things.  There are holiday themed items as well as things that would make good gifts.

Business Location

Each location that participates in this event has a tree as a marker.  There is also a map you can pick up that shows the various locations throughout town where you can shop.  I walked around downtown for a bit checking things out.  I also drove around to some of the outlaying sites where people had booths. 

Even for a Friday morning there were a lot of people out!  And yesterday when I went out to run some errands downtown was busy with people walking around.

Christmas Lane

Soon Santa will be at the showboat for kids to come and visit.  The first Saturday in December there are more holiday festivities happening.  Santa arrives, the ice sculpture contest happens, and other things doing on downtown.  In the evening the Christmas tree (seen in the background on the left above) is lit and the Christmas parade takes place.  It’s kind of fun watching an after dark parade.

Decorated Showboat

The showboat is decorated and waiting for Santa’s arrival.  If yo’ure interested in checking out some of the photos I took from the ice sculpture contest last year check out this Flickr album

In other news they’re calling for snow here on Thursday and Friday!!  I hope that it’s just a weather hype and that it’ll end up not being much of anything in the end.  With all of the hype the weather people aren’t saying how much will accumulate, which is a good sign that they’re making a bigger deal than necessary. 

I don’t think there was any or not too much snow last year at this time.  But two years ago we did have about six inches fall Thanksgiving weekend.  I only know that because we rolled Andrew’s car!!   Hopefully with our travels to family gatherings (my parents are coming here and we have two extended family gathers over the weekend) we won’t even come close to a repeat!

The holiday season is definitely here now.  And I can accept seeing decorations in stores and hearing Christmas music while I’m out.  Before and right after Halloween is a bit too early for me.  The week before Thanksgiving is much more tolerable.

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4 Responses to Christmas Through Lowell

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    I was just saying to the manservant today that it doesn’t seem right to see Christmas decorations out in November. After December 1st is when I start thinking about what I might do inside the house and that’s when I start making my Christmas card lists etc.

    I like what your town does – I’d like to wander around.

    • Amanda says:

      I’d really prefer not seeing Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving. But since our community does this event the third week in November it’s kind of hard to avoid the stuff in town now. And of course most stores have been decked out for weeks now.

      There have been some years when we haven’t even put up anything in the house! Who knows what we’ll do or not do this year.

  2. Freedom Smith says:

    That looks like so much fun! I don’t mind having Christmas things out early. December is so busy that having a Christmas shopping time now makes a lot of sense to me. Did you go and shop? I would have loved it :D

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