Bird Feeder Visitors

Not only do we get birds at the feeders but squirrels and deer!  Now that it’s getting colder out the deer will be more frequent at the feeders.  And when there’s snow on the ground it’s likely they’ll munch on the bushes right outside the bay window.

Hanging On

We finally have the squirrels taken care of.  One feeder has a section that closes when too much weight it on it so the squirrels can’t get any food.  And our tray feeder has a baffle on it and nothing closeby for squirrels to climb and jump from to reach the feeder.  Although this doesn’t stop them from trying.

Munching Seed

The deer try and lick seed out of the feeder.  Since they’re not putting weight on the part that closes keeping squirrels from stealing seed they’re able get to their prize.  I have found that they’re not as fond of sunflower seeds compared to other kinds of seed, especially seed mixed with corn.

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4 Responses to Bird Feeder Visitors

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    I have never seen a deer feed from a bird feeder! I have, however, seen many a squirrel and they can be quite pesky with bird feeders. My mother bought the kinds that were supposed to be squirrel proof. It was always a battle!

    • Amanda says:

      For the past few years we’ve had deer eating out of the feeders if they can get to the seed when it gets cold and especially when there’s snow on the ground. While it’s a pain that the seed goes more quickly it is neat to see them so close to the house.

  2. Aussie Emjay says:

    That is what happens with kangaroos in Australia – well, not exactly as we don’t have snow but as the land gets drier and drier the ‘roos come closer and closer to farmhouses and then start munching their way through gardens!

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