301 – 305/365 Photos

301/365 NuthatchA nuthatch look for some food at one of our feeders.  Now that it’s getting colder the birds have been a bit more active at the feeders.

302/365 LightOne of the lights that line the riverwalk downtown.  I like the small town feel to them.

303/365 Sleepy GirlSometimes Haven makes sleeping look like it’s a lot of work.  She’s really good at making a bed.  She always has something to lean on.

304/365 Looking Up a PineWe went for a walk/hike on Andrew’s grandmother’s land over the weekend.  I have a lot more photos and plan on a separate post but this is one from that day.  I like the texture of the bark on this pine.

305/365 Big MallardThis duck is big man on the river.  I went to feed the ducks and saw this guy.  He a lot bigger than the other mallards.

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5 Responses to 301 – 305/365 Photos

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    I love the picture of the nuthatch!! Such a clear crisp picture. Such a cute little guy!
    I also think the picture of Haven sleeping is precious. I wish we could just lay down wherever and be comfortable like that!

  2. Aussie Emjay says:

    Love the rough-bark tree. And the head of the big-man duck is so shiny!

  3. amcoop says:

    Your photo of the nuthatch reminds me that I need to scrub all my feeders and refill them! Always love your photos…that is a ginormous duck!

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