293-300/365 Photos

Ack! There are only 65 days left until the end of the year!

294/365 CloudyA cool looking storm front approaches as I’m out running errands.

295/365 Oak LeavesWhile working on pulling vines out of trees in part of the woods I saw these leaves and had to go back to photograph them. I like how you can see the green veins in these oak leaves.

296/365 Old LaceI was waiting for Andrew and Haven to pass by during the doggie dash and took some photos of this shriveled Queen Anne’s Lace.

297/365 Along the RiverwalkBeacon accompanied me on a walk to the library to return some things.  We walked along the Riverwalk to see what we could see.  He likes watching the ducks but doesn’t want to “retrieve” them.

298/365 Rawr!Andrew’s pumpkin this year.  It makes us think of Beacon.  :P

299/365 Heavy RainLots of rain and wind.  The dogs had to go outside but didn’t like getting soaked in the process.  Beacon’s squinting so that water doesn’t get in his eyes.  I’m sure he really appreciates my taking a photo of him.

300/365 LeanerWe noticed a few weeks ago that this dead tree was starting to crack and lean.  With lots of wind yesterday and today it’s leaning and cracking even more!

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8 Responses to 293-300/365 Photos

  1. amcoop says:

    It has been the year for damaged trees in your yard…hopefully this one isn’t in a place where it will do any damage if and when it finally falls.

    And very cool green veins in the leaves – I’ve never seen anything like that before.

    That is good that Beacon doesn’t want to retrieve the ducks. I will have to write about Moo and the dove sometime soon…it was crazy.

    • Amanda says:

      It definitely has been a year for downed trees. This one is in a spot where if and when it falls it’ll just be in the woods so it shouldn’t do any damage. There’s another one next to it that if it were to fall toward the house the upper part might brush the garage. But so far that one doesn’t look like it’s going to fall anytime soon (knock on wood – ha!).

      I’ve never seen leaves like those either. They’re the only ones out there too. I did see some other oak leaves that were more red but they didn’t have the veins.

      If a duck (or any animal) were inside the fence or if we were hiking and he spotted something “in the wild” he’d want to give chase. But thankfully just walking he doesn’t care. Although Haven has been known to pull when she sees a squirrel. So much so that I’ve had to distract her so that she doesn’t see them! You should post about Moo and the dove!!

  2. Freedom Smith says:

    I love your pictures!! The pumpkin is fantastic! I love the closeup of Beacon! So precious.

  3. I’m smiling over your leaf picture (which is very cool, by the way!) The other night I took our dog Boewyn outside to go to the bathroom. It had been raining all day, and I noticed some neat water droplets on the leaves that had fallen to the ground. Once he was squared away, I went back outside and brought a couple in to photograph. I should post them, but I am soooo bad at actually posting the pictures I take!

    • Amanda says:

      I see that you posted the photo (at least I’m assuming that’s the one you were mentioning here). I love it! Hopefully you get better about posting photos. Doing Project 365 has helped me get over the “is this perfect” question. I know there will be photos that I take that aren’t what I had hoped for but overall they help with my photography in general.

  4. Aussie Emjay says:

    I am sooooooo far behind in posting my photo of the day photos! I’ve been good at taking them every day but need to do some serious catching up on posting them. My last day of taking a photo will be Jan 1st – hopefully I’m caught up by then! Really loved Beacon watching the ducks – that is a terrific photo.

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