Doggie Dash 2010

Doggie Dash 2010

Before the Race

This past Saturday Andrew and Haven ran in the 5k Bailey’s Doggie Dash.  This was the fifth year that they have participated!  It was a warm morning compared to past years, but also more cloudy as well.  With the fall colors peaking early this year they weren’t as bright and bold as past years either.  But it was still a fun morning for dogs and their owners.


Waiting to Line Up

As everyone got ready to line up for the official start to the race things got loud.  Dogs barking, excited to run.  Haven included.  She once again was barking and screaming.  I didn’t get a video this year but this is what she did last year.


They're Off!

The start is somewhat chaotic.  Dogs pulling their owners because they’re excited.  Not many loose hanging leashes at this point!

The Start

Can't You Go Faster?

Haven usually takes Andrew out quickly!  She stops screaming once the race actually starts.  She just likes running with the pack.

Going Strong

Help Up a Small Hill

At least Haven helps make the hills easier.  She’s still full of energy at this point.


Tiring Out

By the time Andrew and Haven climb the last hill before the finish they’re both tired.  Haven doesn’t have as much spring to her steps.

Up the Hill

Your Turn to Pull Me

Then Haven seems to decide that she’s done working and Andrew should do some of the work as she starts to lag behind.

At the Finish

At the Finish

They make it to the finish line!  Haven’s not pulling, is practically having to be pulled along, and has interest in something other than running forward.


Refreshing Drink

After the race there are treats and water for dogs and humans.   Haven didn’t drink any water.  Apparently it wasn’t “special” enough for her.



Haven did get her share of treats though and didn’t turn any of them down.  We had her “balance” on her nose and head at times so she had to work a bit to get them.  She even convinced three people to give her treats.  She’d hear someone say “sit” and go up to the person and sit down!  Then we were asked if she could also have a treat.  She would also be on crumb patrol picking up anything another dog left behind.

Haven's Friend

Race Friend

Andrew said that part of the race Haven and this dog were running side by side.  So close they’d bump each other but neither minded.


Lab Mix

There were lots of different labs racing.  But there were also all kinds of other dogs.  It was neat seeing all of the different looks and personalities.


Low Look

There were also a lot of shepherd/shepherd mix dogs racing.



We’ve seen this dog in past years.  There are a bunch of regulars that we see year to year.  One person even remembered that last year Andrew was a flower!


Police Dog

A Michigan State Police dog was there too.  This officer talked about having a police dog and what training he and the dog goes through.  Diesel is a seven year old dog that searches primarily for bombs and missing people.  He knows what he’s looking for by what kind of collar or harness he’s wearing.


Lola the Black Lab

Anne, this is the dog that reminded me of Moo.  She loved playing with a shepherd mix.  She’d play bow and put her paw on the other dog’s head and nose.



Lola’s brother Oz was also one of the dogs I liked.  He looks like a lab/hound mix.



Of course there was lots of sniffing.

Candy Corn

Candy Corn

Andrew didn’t enter the costume contest this year but there were some great entries.  An Elvis dog.  A dog that was a hare and a toddler that was a tortoise.  This was my favorite though.  The dog even ran in the race – the smallest one to complete.

Posing with Awards

Award Pose

Each year Andrew and Haven pose in our front yard by the burning bush when we get home.   This year they got a trophy and bowl for coming in sixth place in their (Andrew’s) age group.  It’s the biggest group that races.  Next year Andrew will go up a group.

If you’re interested in seeing more of the photos that I took you can check out my Flickr album here.

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10 Responses to Doggie Dash 2010

  1. amcoop says:

    Fun! That dog does look like Moo! And on a normal day, sounds like her too…always wanting to play. :) Looks like a fun time – congrats to Andrew and Haven placing in their group! I hope next year (when I am in better shape and fully up to speed with the running) I can find a doggie dash or two to run in with Moo.

    • Amanda says:

      Hopefully you can find something in your area. It’s fun seeing all of the different kinds of dogs. I wish there were more events like this around here!

  2. I love the doggie bowl award. This is such a neat idea that I would totally do if I was a runner. And had a dog. But I love it :)

  3. Jane says:

    A lovely doggie day. Love the spaniel face.

  4. Aussie Emjay says:

    Great photo-journalism. I’m impressed with Andrew’s quad muscles (not to mention stamina).

    • Amanda says:

      Andrew has run a 50 mile race and a marathon in the past. Due to back issues he hasn’t been running as much but definitely wanted to do this race. He’s always getting comments about how big (ie muscular) his legs are. He says they also make him slower.

  5. Freedom Smith says:

    FANTASTIC!! What a terrific idea. It looks so much fun and I love your pictures. Andrew and Haven did an awesome job, coming in 6th. Or course, I know it must be fun even if there is no trophy. I love seeing all of the different kinds of dogs and people. The costumes are fun as well. This is one of my favorite posts yet. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us. I think that is so cute that Haven would perform for other people and get more snacks. A very smart dog you have there :D

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