Love for the Library

LibararyI know I’ve mentioned it already in the past but I love our library.  I definitely get my tax payer money, if not more, out of it.  I find myself there at least twice a week dropping things off or picking items up.

I log into my account at least once a day to check the status of holds.  I typically have my 10 hold maxium utilized.  And for me the library isn’t just about books.  I’ve checked out lots of movies and have even started checking out Wii games.

I’ve also been checking out TV series.  I’ve gone through most of the Little House on the Prairie seasons.  And Andrew and I have started watching The Next Generation series.

My list of books that I want to read is always growing, quicker than I can mark books off the list.  If my local library doesn’t have a book, movie, or even game that I want I can have it sent from another library and put on hold for me.

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2 Responses to Love for the Library

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    Your library is gorgeous! What a nice facility. I am so much like you, putting things on hold, going by to pick them up! Our hold limit is 20 and I am usually at my limit. I check out books for myself and for my 12 year old. The other kids have so much school work that they don’t have time to read for pleasure. But my middle schooler has a study hall and gets much of her homework done then! That leaves time for reading.

    Our library has DVD’s but not near the selection that you mentioned. I have to use Netflix to watch TV series. I get a Mystery Fiction Newsletter in my email and then I can click on the book and it takes me to my library website and I can put the book on hold!! I also look in the paper, when they list the top books, and some of my magazines also do book reviews. I have about 15 books right now, from the library. I stayed up late, last night, finished a great book! Nice to know that you feel about your library the way I feel about mine :D

    • Amanda says:

      I wish we could have more holds. But I’ve been able to make due with what I can put on hold. At times I’ve had to make some choices depending on when books or movies are coming out and how long the wait list is.

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