Heidi’s Farmstand

I find myself at Heidi’s Farm Stand every week or so for local, fresh produce.  Apples have been my main purchase the past few weeks.

Yesterday I decided to take some photos of the animals they have there.




Two Calves

Searching for Food



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4 Responses to Heidi’s Farmstand

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    I love your pictures! They are so clear and crisp. The goat looks like I could reach out and pet him. I like the donkey’s fur! It looks like Heidi’s farmstand has some lovely pumpkins! How nice to be able to visit the stand every week.

    • Amanda says:

      The farm stand is part of some harvest days thing. There are a bunch of orchards and farm stands on a long list in our region for people to check out this time of year. At Heidi’s they have a corn maze, pumpkin carving, hay rides, etc. on weekends.

  2. greysqrl says:

    I would love to eat those biscuits! I want biscuits at the moment :(

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