285-289/365 Photos

285/365 ReflectionThe past two week have been gorgeous around here.  I’ve been enjoying taking fall photos (as you’ll see in this set of photos).  The Flat River is calm offering great reflections of the showboat and riverwalk.

286/365 Showing ColorThe tress in our backyard have started to change.  And they’re changing quickly this year.

287/365 CoveredWhile at a park on my foggy morning drive I found this blanket of leaves on some picnic tables.

288/365 MaroonThe two burning bushes we have in the backyard don’t get as much sun as the bush we have in front of our house.  So when the leaves change they’re a much darker red.

289/365 BreakfastEating is serious business.  Beacon (l) and Haven (r) haven’t found much that they don’t like to eat (that we’ve given them to try).  They have their morning routine down and will let us know if we’re running late.

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One Response to 285-289/365 Photos

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    What gorgeous pictures!! I love to see the leaves changing in autumn. The first picture is lovely, with all of the beauty reflected in the water!! The trees in the second picture show the leaves as they begin to change, some trees being ahead of others. I love seeing your dogs next to each other, chowing down. What great buddies they are! I bet they love to frolic in the crunching leaves.

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