You Capture – Animals

While looking at random WordPress blogs this morning I came across someone who was participating in You Capture.  I thought I’d participate, especially since today I have a photo that I took that fits the category without even trying.  And as with Daybook I’m not sure I’ll participate every week but it’ll give me something to blog about and a reason to take a photo on Tuesday and Thursday.

Although with my doing Project 365 until the end of the year I may find myself on photography overload!  And of course there’s my own Alphabet Photography that I’ll be doing every week.

But back to You Capture.  This week’s theme is animals.  And I don’t even have a photo of the dogs.  I was out this morning and saw a flock of Sandhill Cranes.  I plan on writing more and posting more photos from my drive this morning but this at least fits the animal challenge.  It was foggy out so that’s why the photo isn’t crisp looking.
Sandhill Cranes

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