Foggy Morning

Yesterday Andrew asked me if I “wanted to go to work with him” today.  Huh?  Is it bring your wife to work day?  Is there something interesting happening that I can or should see?  No.

As it turns out I had to follow him to drop off his car to get a couple things looked at and then take him to work.  I have to pick him up this afternoon.  His car won’t be done until tomorrow so I’ll be driving all around once again.  Unless he spends the night at work.  When I was dropping him off I asked if this was the same spot I should pick him up.  And he said something about yes but not until tomorrow.  He forgot that I had to pick him up this afternoon and was thinking about his car being done tomorrow.  I know that he has had a lot going on at work these days but I didn’t think they’d have some sleepover planned.

So back to my driving around this morning.  It was foggy in places.  The sun was coming up.  It made for some cool scenes.  Of course the coolest were ones where I couldn’t stop and take photos because I was following Andrew.
Bright LightAnd with this in front of me it I had to pay attention through my squinting eyes.  It wasn’t until after I dropped Andrew off at work and headed home that I could stop and take in some views.  I took the back way home through farm fields.

Sun Burning off the FogOkay, so this was also taken while I was following Andrew.  But really, the rest of the photos are taken when the car is not moving.

Foggy RiverI stopped at a small parked and walked around.  A little “steam” was coming off the river.

Corn StalksAnd I pulled on to the side of the road to take photos of some glowing corn stalks through the haze.

Farm FieldThe fog had just about burned off this field.  This is where the flock of Sandhill Cranes were resting.

Foggy FieldBut it was still lingering a bit here.

I’ve been loving the weather we’ve had for the past two weeks.  It has been perfect fall weather.  After a decent summer I hope that this good weather doesn’t mean we’ll have to pay back mother nature in the winter by dealing with cold, ice, and snow.

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5 Responses to Foggy Morning

  1. Love the foggy river one. What kind of camera do you use?

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  3. Aussie Emjay says:

    I love all the farming shots! I might have left the farm but I don’t think the farm has left me :-)

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