282 – 284/365 Photos

282/365 Pups

I went to visit a friend who has two new puppies!  Zonda is on the left and Farbi is on the right.  They’re cute, fuzzy, and remind me of when Beacon and Haven were pups.

283/365 Watching

It was nice enough to have the front door open.  Beacon likes watching what’s going on outside.  And a bonus for him was that he could also be in a sunbeam!
284/365 CadburyWhen Andrew was in the UK for work I made him bring home some Cadbury chocolate.  This is the best chocolate.  Ever.  We’ve eaten one bar and I keep putting off eating the rest because it’ll then be gone!

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2 Responses to 282 – 284/365 Photos

  1. oklahoman says:

    Puppies and chocolate. Can their be a more fun combination?

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