Harvest Festival

Yesterday was Lowell’s Harvest Festival.  I went to see a friend for most of the day so I wasn’t able to wander around for all of the activities so some of the later photos are ones Andrew took while he was out.

I did watch and take photos of the Harvest Hustle 5k that Andrew and Haven ran.  You could dress up so last year’s Doggie Dash costumes were used.  Andrew was the only one dressed up.  And Haven was the only dog to run.

Before the RaceAndrew and (Miss Bee) Haven posed by the showboat before the race so I could take a couple of photos.

Heading to the Starting AreaThen it was time to head to the starting line.  Haven liked seeing all of the people.  As the actual start of the race neared you could tell that she was ready to go.


Excited StartAt the start Haven was doing her screaming thing that she has done almost every year of the Doggie Dash.  And you can see that she’s pulling Andrew along after the starting gun went off.

Rounding the CornerI went to a spot where I hoped to be able to catch a glimpse of Andrew during the race.  Because of the way the course was set up unless I was driving or had a bike it was hard to see them while racing.  The flower is still chasing the bee.

Lonely FeatherI then headed to the riverfront, which was near the end of the race to wait for Andrew to pass by again.  I had some time so I took some photos.  This lonely feather rested in the water.

PreeningA duck pair were preening in the beautiful morning hours.


Coming in for a LandingGeese are still landing here as they migrate south.  This group was circling around to come in for a landing.

Still RiverThe river was so calm.  It made for some great reflection photos.

Along the RiverwalkI don’t have to wait too long before Andrew and Haven pass by me.  Andrew’s taking a video of me taking photos.  Haven’s not looking as fresh as she was in the beginning of the race.

Passing by the ShowboatThe two runners pass by the showboat and head for the finish line.

Post Race DrinkingAfter the race Haven gets a drink.

Haven and her MedalI left right after Andrew and Haven finished so the rest of the photos in this post were taken by Andrew.  Here Haven poses by one of the direction arrows sporting her finisher’s medal.  She was the first in her “class” to cross the line.  Even Andrew didn’t get one of these!

In two weeks Andrew and Haven will run the Doggie Dash, which is always fun.  It’s a run for dogs and their owners.  And of course I’ll be taking photos.

Andrew had to go back to some of the Harvest Festival activities.  There was a bridge ceremony celebrating the completion of the new bridge.  For six months the bridge was only open to traffic going one way as it was replaced.

Activity on the BridgeThe bridge was closed during Harvest Festival so there was lots of activity.

Bridge ConcertThere was a concert before a couple of speeches were given.  And finally the bridge troll statue was revealed.  I plan a separate post sometime this week about that!

Pumpkin Chunkin'Finally Andrew went to check out the pumpkin chunkin’ contest.  Participants could win for throwing a pumpkin the longest distance or for being the most accurate in hitting a target.

It was a great day for the festival.   The next event in the city will be Christmas Through Lowell!

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3 Responses to Harvest Festival

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    The costumes are fantastic! Wow. So fun. I love the picture of Haven getting a drink of water after the race. That is so cute. You got some priceless pictures!

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