275 – 281/365 Photos

275/365 Sad Nails
Haven’s not a fan of getting her nails clipped.  She’ll let us do it without much protest but she looks sad and submissive.

276/365 JumperHaven jumps for a frisbee in the backyard.

277/365 Amway WorldI’ve never stopped in front of the Amway headquarters to take photos.  They always have countries’ flags or all US flags flying in front.  This “world” is also there.

278/365 Gull FoodI walked to the river to feed the ducks for one last time but there weren’t any there!  There were some gulls hovering around that were glad for the free handout.

280/365 In the CarYesterday Beacon and I drove to the other side of the state.  I saw my parents and went out to dinner with a couple of friends from high school.  Here Beacon’s strapped into the car and ready to go.

281/365 Are You Done Yet?Zeke wonders how many more photos of him I’ll be taking.  He’d much rather be napping on the couch.

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