Fall Walk

I walked to the post office yesterday and on my way I stopped by the river to feed the ducks.  I had the camera with me so of course I took some photos along the way.

Patchy FrostIt was at the freezing mark when I left the house.  Overnight we had some patchy frost.

FoggyThere was also lots of fog over one of the rivers that meet in our city.  It’s too bad this week’s Alphabet Photography letter wasn’t F.  I could have had frost and fog during my “early” morning walk!

WatchingThis cat was watching me.  I like the dark band around the neck and around the middle of his or her legs.  I’ve seen this cat by this house i the past so I’m not sure if he or she is a resident there or one of the few that wander around.

GullsOver the Flat River the fog wasn’t bad at all.  There weren’t any ducks to feed.  There were lots of geese in the middle of the river and others landing.  This is a good resting spot for migrating birds.

I ended up feeding the gulls since they were the only birds around interested in food.

StalkedHarvest Festival is this weekend.  Soon there will be scarecrows attached to corn stalks that line Main Street.  And when driving through town at night it’ll look like there are a bunch of people waiting to cross the street!

Cleared UpBy the time I walked back up the hill the fog was almost gone.  It was nice to get out for a walk on a crisp but sunny fall morning.

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