Last year was the first year that ArtPrize took place in Grand Rapids.  I didn’t go to look around at things but I did see a couple of the entries after the actual event was over.

Super Sized

One was a huge table and chairs on top of a bridge. 


The other was Nessie, although I saw her once she was moved to her new home in front of the zoo.

I’ve wanted to go and check out the artwork this year but haven’t had the time.  Or the weather hasn’t been good.  I went out yesterday to get groceries and had the camera with me.  I decided to keep driving and head downtown to look at one of the entries that I’ve been wanting to see.

Along M21

I embarked on the 20 or so minute drive to downtown Grand Rapids.  It was a beautiful early fall day.


Most of the photos I took were from the car as I was driving.  I never found a decent place to park and walk around.  Even if I had found a spot it still would have taken hours and days to see everything.  Hopefully next year I’ll have more time to walk around and see more of what’s going on.  

As I drove around there was a lot of traffic and quite a few people.  It almost seemed like it was a weekend with all of the activity.


People here are checking out some elephant sculptures.   My drive by viewing and photos ended up having an animal theme.

Flying Pig

This flying pig is pretty cool.  It’s in the running for the grand prize.  People who come to look at the entries vote.  The top 10 are then chosen via this voting.  Then people vote among the top 10 to select the overall winner.

Big Dogs

The Big Dog Show was what I went to see.  These big dogs were set up in a park that overlooks the Grand River.

On Display

In the Park

There were quite a few of these dogs throughout the park.

Looking Over the River

Some of the dogs even had a good view watching the water. 

I’m glad I decided to take a drive and look at some art even if it was from the car for the most part.  When I first heard about The Big Dog Show coming to Grand Rapids I wanted to go and see the exhibit so I’m happy that I went to take a look.

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2 Responses to ArtPrize

  1. sartenada says:

    Wow. I liked these very much. I love all the art people are creating, was it funny or not.

    Thank You presenting these.

    I show to You something what I found when I drove around in my country:

    Happy shooting!

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I’m hoping that next year I’ll get to see more of the art around the city. There were hundreds of entries.

      And you’ve seen some cool art too!

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