Yesterday Andrew worked on taking down a tree on the edge of the woods along the side of our house.  We started taking it down last weekend.  It was hanging such that if it were to fall it would land on the fence and one of our sheds.  So we wanted to take it down before it fell down. 

Andrew worked on getting branches down yesterday before I went out to help him. While sitting at my computer I could look out a window and see him on the shed.

On the Shed

You can see Andrew’s trophies from his Doggie Dash runs over the years.  We have two of these windows in our family room, which I think are cool.  Once Andrew got all of the limbs off the main trunk I went out to watch and help. 

Andrew sawed through part of one of the biger limbs and then it started cracking.


In order to get the limb all the way down Andrew had to pull on it.  Eventually it broke all the way through.  And it didn’t hit the fence or the shed.  Andrew was quite proud that he cut things off in such a way that nothing would be hit.

Pulling on the Limb

Then we brought the dogs out to hang out with us while we cleaned up the branches.  They of course had fun being outside and “helping”.


Beacon liked chewing on nubs where smaller branches had been cut off.


Haven liked smaller branches that she could chew and nibble.


The last part of the tree still has to be cut down but we were running out of light and couldn’t finish.  I’m sure we’ll be doing  more trimming of trees around the house as fall continues on.

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2 Responses to Timber!

  1. mizunogirl says:

    love how the whole family get involved there!!! lots of work being done by the dogs!!! great photos!

    • Amanda says:

      The dogs love hanging out with us and think that it’s something special when we have them “working” in the yard with us.

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