268 – 274/365 Photos

Just two days until the officially kickoff of the group Alphabet Photography blog!!   You can join any time but do so now if you want to be involved from the beginning.  And tell your friends if they’ve got any interest in photography. 

And now on to my Project 365 photos.

268/365 Sassafras

I think sassafrass trees are cool because they have three different kinds of leaves.   We have one in our side yard!

269/365 Red-headed Woodpecker

This Red-headed Woodpecker visited our feeder for a couple of days.  This is the first that I’ve gotten a photo and may be the first that one has been at the feeder.  I don’t remember seeing one in recent years anyway.  

270/365 Two Way Street

After almost six months the bridge in our downtown is open to two way traffic!!   You could always travel eastbound across the bridge but if you wanted to go west there was a detour.  It wasn’t too bad dealing with this but it’s a lot easier now that the bridge work is complete!

271/365 In the Sun

This boxelder bug is hanging out in the sun looking for warmth.

272/365 Bandaid

My car had a bandaid.  The plastic strip that seals where the windshield meets the A pillar of the car.  Someone came out to the house to fix it and a strip of tape was used to hold things together while some glue dried.

273/365 Spider?

I was sitting the living room and noticed that it looked like a spider was on the lampshade the way the sun was coming in the window.

274/365 Starting to Turn

It’s officially fall.  And today is the first day of October.  The big tree in our neighbor’s yard is always one of the first to turn with our burning bush not far behind.

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2 Responses to 268 – 274/365 Photos

  1. Gorgeous woodpecker. I get Nutall’s and Downy’s here sometimes – even on my tube feeder.

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