Stuck in a Box

I’m not a fan of heights. Mostly when I can see down. I start to get dizzy when I have that feeling like I’ll fall if what I’m standing on gives way.

Oddly I don’t have issues when I’m up high looking out over something. I can be in a building looking out over the horizon and be fine. But if I’m outside on some grate platform no way. Actually I doubt I’d be on a grate platform to begin with.

Years ago Andrew and I were traveling on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. We stopped at one of the scenic overlooks. We were walking out on a wooden pier, which was pretty high above the water (at least by my standards). I was fine walking along until I looked down at my feet. I could see through the wood slats. I quickly returned to a place where I couldn’t see down leaving Andrew to figure out that I’d meet him when it was done walking around.

I’m also not a fan of elevators, especially if I’m in them alone. It’s the closed in feeling more than knowing I’m going up or down. I feel trapped. Stuck in a box.

While we were at a conference this past week (and I plan on writing a couple of posts about it this coming week) we were on the 5th floor (out of 14, although the 14th was for special people and we didn’t have access). I didn’t mind these elevators. They were glass in the middle of the building so you could see out. I didn’t feel trapped. And even though I could see out and knew I was getting higher the height wasn’t an issue.

Andrew and I did go to the 12th floor to see what kind of view we could get of the hotel lobby. He of course made me look down. And I only did so for a second. Riding in the elevator to get there – not a problem. If only all elevators were made of glass (Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator should have caught on more).

Here’s a look up the side of the pillar where five elevators went up and down.

Looking Up

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