Back Home

This week has been a whirlwind.  Andrew left last Sunday morning to fly to Florida for work.  It was a last minute trip.  He flew back Tuesday night in order to attend the Michigan Municipal League conference with the city.

We finally returned home late last night.  Although it’s Friday it kind of feels like a Monday.  I’m looking forward to the weekend and hopefully will get back on track with what day it is.

The conference was fun and informative.  I was able to go to sessions with Andrew.  I hope to write about some of the things I experienced at some point.

The conference was in the same city where my parents live so they watched the dogs for us.  I did stop by a couple of times on Wednesday to let them out and visit.  They survived being there overnight without us.  It was a first for them!   Although they’re certainly used to being there.

The first night Beacon whined for about an hour when it was bed time.  He’s the emotional one that pouts.  The second night he was quiet so I guess he got his protesting out of his system.  Whenever I went over to see the dogs Haven was clingy.  She was telling me she was ready to go home.

Both dogs were of course happy yesterday when we packed them up in the car and headed home.  I think they’ve been sleeping ever since!  And they look a lot more relaxed.

I’ll be working the next week on last minute tweaks for Alphabet Photography.   And I’m sure there will be some minor changes asthe group gets going.  There aren’t many people in the group but I hope it will grow over time.  A week from this Sunday starts the first week!

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2 Responses to Back Home

  1. mizunogirl says:

    so nice that your parents could watch the dogs!!! SOunds like a good time!

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