264 – 267/365 Photos

264/365 Shakers

We went to a conference in Dearborn.  From the view out our hotel room window we could see some of the Ford Motor Company buildings.  These two are sometimes referred to as the salt and pepper shakers.  I went to high school in Dearborn and my parents still live there so I’m familiar with the area.

265/365 Buzzing Around

While stopping by my parents’ house to visit with the dogs I noticed quite a few bees collecting pollen.

266/365 Mosaic

We went on a short tour the last day of the conference.  We went to the Arab American National Museum.  It was pretty interesting to see.  I hope to write more about our experience at the conference sometime.

 267/365 Busted

We’ve had a lot of wind today.  And while we were gone we’ve been told that there was a big storm.  At some point the lid to one of our bird feeders opened up.  This red squirrel decided this was the jackpot! 

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4 Responses to 264 – 267/365 Photos

  1. mizunogirl says:

    Love the Mosaic photo! interesting angles!!!

    • Amanda says:

      I like the bright colors. I have another photo of the “sign” out front that’s also a mosaic that I’ll post when I write about visiting the museum.

  2. I love the mosaic photo as well. So pretty! I also love the adorable squirrel in the bird feeder. I know it’s annoying when they get in feeders, but they are so cute I never have the heart to yell at them.

    • Amanda says:

      The squirrels (and deer in the winter) can be annoying but overall I don’t mind them too much. It’s fun to watch nature at work.

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