258 – 263/365 Photos

It has become a hairy situation at our house.  The dogs are beginning to blow their coats now that the weather is cooling off.  We spent some time in the backyard with the Furminator.

Time to empty the dishwasher!

This guy or gal was hanging out on the garage door.

This is the view out our other bedroom window.  It looks out the side of the house.  Those houses in the background are the closest we get to neighbors!

I had thought that the daylilies were done blooming for the year but this plant is persistent.  It decided to not give up on summer just yet.

This truck has been left behind in a parking lot.  It has been there for quite some time.  I wonder how long it’ll stay there.

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2 Responses to 258 – 263/365 Photos

  1. I LOVE the Furminator! Our pets also love it. If I am trying to brush the dog, I have three cats waiting for their turn next to us. Our cat Joey is so obsessed with the Furminator that he waits for the downward swing of the brush and tries to dive under it (so I can brush him, too). I think they would let me brush them until not a hair was left on their bodies!

    • Amanda says:

      The dogs don’t mind being brushed either. Beacon especially likes getting tended to (brushing, nail clipping). And I’m always amazed that they still have fur when I’m done!

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