Special Water

A couple weeks ago while catching up with things on Google Reader I saw a post about dogs drinking water.  The following video was posted. 

This got me thinking about Haven and what we call her “special water”.   We laugh and say she’s like Boo from the movie Signs.   She’s picky about her water.  It has to be fresh.  I have to refill the water bowl at least twice a day.

If Haven doesn’t like the water that’s in the bowl she won’t drink it.  She’ll come and stare at us until we change it.  Or she’ll ask for water from the bathtub faucet!   Sometimes she’ll ask for water (by staring into the tub) if we’re in the bathroom brushing our teeth, showering (she’ll also drink from the shower), taking out our contacts, etc. 

 This is Beacon looking up at the water streaming down.  He also likes bathtub water but usually after he’s hot after fetching in the backyard.  Both dogs will hop into the tub in order to drink. 

Haven will also drink water from the hose in the backyard.  She’ll actually follow me around if I’m watering until she’s able to drink.  And she has been known to drink from a water fountain as seen below.

I know that dogs like cold water.  One reason why dogs drink from the toilet.  The bowl keeps the water cooler.  Haven takes this to the extreme.  She’s almost (if not) obsessed.  And this cracks us up.

After watching the video of the dog drinking I wonder if Haven’s “special water” addiction is helped along by the possibility that it’s easier to drink from a running faucet, water fountain, or hose.  She doesn’t have to work against gravity. 

The video shows that the dog is lapping up water by using his/her tongue to flip the water into his/her mouth.  Gravity’s not helping the dog.  Think about washing your face in the sink.  Most people cup their hands and splash the water upward.  If we had to use just a couple of fingers to flip water up to our face it would take a long time to do the seemingly easy task of washing one’s face. 

When drinking from water that is flowing downward as opposed to being below the dog’s mouth it’s easier to get more of it with each lick.  I wonder how much more though.  Is it really enough to make a difference?   It’s not like Haven just puts her tongue in a stream and lets the water run down it to her mouth.  She still laps, but doesn’t have to work against gravity as much.   Water is flipped horizontally rather than upward.  

 Regardless of why Haven enjoys her special water I find it amusing.   And I’ll usually respond to her requests for such water by giving it to her.   It’s another great example of how our dogs communicate with us.

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