Photography Ponderings

I’ve been thinking about photography lately.  I’ve been feeling in a slump the last few weeks (maybe more) when it comes to Project 365.  When I did it in 2007 I had more to photograph on a daily basis.

We were fostering dogs so that was a pretty steady change.  I feel like photos of our dogs and stuff around the house isn’t all that exciting.  And that I’m taking some photos just because I *have to*.  It’s certainly not as fun as it was a few years ago.

But I don’t necessarily feel like I should just quit now when I’m about 3/4 of the way through the year.   It is fun to take photos when something is going on.  I don’t mind taking the camera most places when I go out.  And I still want to take photos and then write about what I’ve been up to.

Next year (but starting now) I want to try and focus more on writing and photography.  I’d like to maybe try writing one article type post a week (this is where the next year part comes in) where I actually take time to writing something.  Or maybe I’ll aim for 50 of these kinds of posts so I’ll have two weeks “off” if I feel to busy or whatever.

I’ve also been wondering what I should do as a photography goal.  I’ve been thinking about doing a letters of the alphabet things.   Thanks to the English language having 26 letters I could do one a week and go through the alphabet twice.  I’d have a photography goal but not feel like I have to take photos every day just because I *have to*.

This alphabet thing got me wondering if anyone else would be interested in doing it with me.  If it turns into a group thing I’d create a new WP blog and give those who want to participate “author” rights to the blog (so others can post things).  My thoughts are quite preliminary at this point but I thought I’d throw them out there to see if there’s interest.  If there’s enough interest I might even start now rather than waiting until the first of the year.

General guidelines for a group that I’m thinking about are as follows:
~ Everyone participating would be an “author” to the blog so he or she could post things
~ Each letter have a theme (ie A has to be “from around the neighborhood”, B has to be a dessert, etc.) or just go with a letter each week without a theme)

~ If each week is a theme I’d post it in the blog or create an email group
~ Each week starts on a Sunday and photos should be posted by the end of the day on Saturday
~ Post 1-3 photos for each letter (or limit it to one a week, or no limit at all)

And anyone would be welcome to join if this turns into a group thing.  I’d figure out a way for people to contact me so I know to add them as an author.  I already have a contact widget here so that would probably be the easiest way at least in the beginning.

I just thought I’d throw my thoughts out there.  No matter what it’s likely that I’ll be doing this on my own to replace Project 365 in 2011 but I thought I’d see if there’s any group interest as well.

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6 Responses to Photography Ponderings

  1. oklahoman says:

    Sounds like a great idea! My photos and creative writing are less than stellar but I would try to participate.

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks, Tim! I’m hoping to get a group of people willing to participate. It’ll probably take a couple of weeks for me to get something set up. And hopefully in that time even more people will be interested.

  2. I think that sounds really cool. It’s like playing Scattegories, but with a camera!

  3. It sounds like fun. I was actually wondering about what kind of camera you have. I am starting to shop for a new one and your photos always look great. I realize it’s not just the camera, but mine just does not give me enough control.

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