Jade Propagation

I’ve tried propagating jade in the past and have never gotten it to work.  Since I have a bunch of smaller pots now I thought I’d try again.  But this time I did some research on how to do it.  Apparently in the past when I was just sticking the leaves into soil I was doing it wrong.

I’ve read that you should let the leaves sit on top of the soil and they’ll take root.  I also have a stem that I’m trying to root.  With any kind of luck I’ll have some new plants started in a few weeks.  And if I have no luck at all I’ll have five small pots looking to be filled!

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2 Responses to Jade Propagation

  1. amcoop says:

    You can also try sticking the stems in water until they sprout roots and then move them to a loose soil. Or in a rooting mix (it is usually sort of gravely). And I think my grandmother used to pin them to her curtains and mist them with a spray bottle every day until they sprouted roots. LOL (She had a gigantic jade plant in her apartment.)

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks for the tip! So far the cuttings I have seem to be doing okay (at least they’re not dead yet!). If this method doesn’t work I’ll try one of your grandmother’s. Our plants are big enough that I can take more leaves from them without a problem.

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