253 – 257/365 Photos

While at the Paw Paw Wine Festival on Friday we saw this booth.  Of course we thought of Haven!

While playing outside in the rain Haven got busted for eating grass (or weeds).   She knows she shouldn’t do this.  Yet she still does.  She’ll wilt to the ground if we go toward her when she’s eating grass.  Naughty girl (or cow).

At the Plymouth Fall Festival we had a chicken lunch.  A local rotary group puts this on every year.   Andrew’s parents are friends with one of the people who helps out.

My trip to Flowerland was successful.  I found some bigger pots for replanting and some new plants to put on the sill in the bay window.

Part of the new plant spread in the bay window.

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2 Responses to 253 – 257/365 Photos

  1. I swear I can smell that chicken BBQ through my laptop screen!

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