Playin’ in the Rain

It has been raining most of the day.  That didn’t stop the dogs (and Andrew) from playing in the backyard.  Haven was in a stealing mood.  This is when she’s allowed to chase after the ball first and have Beacon run after her.

But once Beacon gets close she drops the ball.  She wouldn’t make a good football receiver. There would be a lot of fumbles.

Fetching is serious business for Beacon.  Even in the rain.

Although it doesn’t look like it’s raining, it’s pretty steady.  At least the top of Andrew is dressed for the weather.

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2 Responses to Playin’ in the Rain

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    AWESOME PICTURES!!!!!! I adore your dogs. They are having so much fun in these pictures!! The first and the third pictures are my favorites. You get great action shots. I love how one of the dogs is in the air, in the first picture, with the ball in his mouth. Give them both belly rubs for me!

    • Amanda says:

      They love playing. Most days we get in at least one session of fetch. We can see them slowing down a bit but they’re still pretty active!

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