249 – 252/365 Project 365 Photos

Look at me only posting a batch of five photos this time rather than seven or more!  I’ve been starting to think about whether or not I’ll start another Project 365 next year.  I’ve got a few months to think it over but I’m leaning toward trying to focus (ha!) on writing.  I like to include photos with my writing so photography will still be a big part of my blogging.  I just won’t have the *pressure* of taking photos each day.  We’ll see how my thoughts progress as the year comes to a close.

I’ve been putting off cutting things back in the gardens.  It’s like admitting that summer is over.

After my stop at the farm stand this week I came home with peaches, apples, potatoes, and onions.  I made an apple cake rather than a peach cake this week.  Yum!

Beacon has been asking to fetch nearly every day.  Yes, he asks.  He stares at us.  If we get up he runs over to where his fetching toys are and stares.

This jade plant is the child of a plant that Andrew made when he was a kid.   We actually have three plants on the sill of our bay window.

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6 Responses to 249 – 252/365 Project 365 Photos

  1. amcoop says:

    Seeing as how I have never completed anything close to the 365 project I can’t really compare, but I definitely like just taking photos as part of my blog entries rather than feeling like I have to just take a picture every day. I think the reason I quit the 365 is because after awhile it felt like I was just taking photos for the sake of needing a picture and wasn’t learning anything or capturing anything that meant something to me.

    Summer isn’t quite over here, but getting close! I actually have the windows open here this morning which feels wonderful, but also means fall is right around the corner.

    • Amanda says:

      I agree. In 2007 when I did this we were fostering dogs. And we opened the store. I felt like there was more going on. This year I’ve felt more like I’m just looking for something to photograph to meet my goal. I’d rather focus on taking cool photos and spend more time writing about them. At this point I don’t feel like I should stop for this year since I’ve come so far but I’m not finding it as interesting as I did the first time I did it.

  2. I love the photo of Beacon! He’s adorable. Our cat’s do the same thing with their stupid wiggle stick. It used to have feathers on it, but now it’s just a bell on a stick. Sometimes we hide it, because they completely obsess over it. The will sit next to the stick for hours, and if you come anywhere near the room they will half get up, like “Oh, you’re coming in here? Please wiggle the stick!”

    Sometimes they just stare at us for a very long time (which can get pretty freaky). I’ll probably hide it away for a few days this week, for their own good! They are like wiggle stick junkies!

    • Amanda says:

      Your cats do sound like Beacon. We have to make him stop fetching or he won’t. We have to put his fetch toys in a box separate from the other toys or he’ll bring fetch toys to us and drop them at our feet. Animals crack me up!

  3. mizunogirl says:

    I’m thinking of trying the 365 project. I tend to take photos in jags, sort of like your reading. I do tons and tons and then just put the camera down and forget about it…
    So, we shall see. It would irritate me more to start and not finish (i’m like that.) rather than to decide not to do it….

    • Amanda says:

      I know what you mean about starting and not finishing vs just deciding not to do something. In 2007 when I did Project 365 I had started out with a goal of 3 or 4 photos a week posted. I started taking and posting photos every day. By the time I got through January doing this I felt like I couldn’t stop and turned my photography goal into Project 365!

      Good luck figuring out what you want to do.

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