High Winds, Low Voltage

Most of the day yesterday was windy.  Really windy.  Trees were bending and I wondered if they’d just fall right over.  There are sticks in the yard that need to be picked up.

This has been the year of the tree as I like to call it.   We trimmed a bunch of trees in the spring to clean things up.   We had one tree fall in the woods on the side of our house.  It came into the mowed part enough that we had to take care of it.  We had half a tree in the front yard fall and had to deal with that.

The trees struck again yesterday.  In the afternoon part of the power went off at the house.   I had to take a flashlight to the basement and check out the breakers.  Everything looked fine.  Although we recently watched Jurassic Park so flashes of my being eaten went through my head.

I walked around outside hoping I wouldn’t be blown away and didn’t find anything that looked out of place.   I called Andrew to tell him what was going on and see when he was coming home from work so that he could look around and maybe find something I missed.

While waiting for Andrew to come home all of the power went out.   Our small city of 4,000 people has its own power company.  It’s nice that it’s local.  When you call to report a problem you’re talking to someone down the street.  We don’t lose power often and when we do it’s fixed pretty quickly.  Unlike bigger companies ours has to deal with just our area.   A crew was already sent out to investigate why we did not have power by the time I called.  With all of the wind I wasn’t surprised that it went out.

Andrew returned from work and the power came back on (it was out for less than 30 minutes).   But we not all of the things in our house were working.  My computer would start but then shut down.  Half of the lights in the basement worked.  The pump for the well wasn’t working so we didn’t have any water.  And the lights for the clocks on the appliances looked dim.

I made another call to the power company.  This time it was a little after 5 so I got the after hours service and gave them our information.  Within 30 minutes two trucks were pulling into our driveway.   Two guys looked around.

They discovered that we had low voltage.  They replaced something at the connection at the house but that didn’t help.  They went to the main poll and got the right readings there.  So something between the poll and our house was causing the issue.

It turns out that one of the feeds to the house was broken.   I didn’t know that there were two feeds to the house, which explains why only some of the power was out.  A wire (which is really three wires twisted together to make one) had split enough that the feed busted.

Although the black wire is in the way a bit you can see the gouge in the tree.

The wire was fixed and our full power restored.  They’ll come back sometime soon to trim up some of the branches so that we don’t have issues again.  Thanks to our local power company for their fast and kind service!

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2 Responses to High Winds, Low Voltage

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    Wow. I am glad you took pictures. That is amazing. So glad it was not worse, or did not start a fire or anything! Thank goodness they got it up and running quickly!!

    • Amanda says:

      It was nice that the issue was fixed quickly. I’m surprised we haven’t lost partial power before all the wind we got!

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