If You Like It You’ll Use It

A couple weeks ago I was talking with Andrew about one of the human factors concepts he came across at work.  The jist of the idea is that if you like something you’re more willing and likely to use it.  I’ve found that with blogging.

I never really got into using Vox as a place to blog.  I’m not sure why.  It was simple enough to use but I never felt interested in actively looking for friends there.  And because I didn’t like the feel of the place I didn’t have much motivation to go there and post.  My blog there ended up being just a place for me to post my Project 365 photos.

Before the Great Migration from Vox I had set up the two blogs I have here.  Before the announcement that Vox was closing I planned on posting about moving here.  My plan was to continue posting Project 365 photos at Vox but everything else here.  Vox made the move easier at least as far as people I knew from Vox following me here since so many people moved here.

Maybe here I’ll have more motivation to meet some new people through comments posted in mutual friends’ blogs (or through recommendations from friends I already have).  I’ve already been posting more here (before the Great Migration as well as after) more than I have on Vox.  This is my second post today!

I like this space.  I like what you can do with it and what I’ve done with it (much like my thoughts with Facebook).  I’ll have to start a list of ideas on what to write about as I think of things or come across things that inspire me.  Keeping a list will help me remember what I’d like to write about when I have time.

From time to time I may write protected posts (if I haven’t given you my password for that contact me on Vox, via email, or there’s a contact form if you’re looking directly at my blog here rather than reading on Google Reader or your blog surfer).  I’ve also thrown around the idea of creating a private blog here and adding people’s user names (which I’d need from everyone!) so I know who’s reading.  Not that I have super secret things to be writing about but sometimes I like to know who is reading.  I’ll have to think about that latter point a bit though.

I’ve also had the like it you’ll use it thought happen with photography.  Back when I dunked our then good camera in the stream I didn’t know if at some point it would stop working or not work correctly.  That made me not like using it.  So I didn’t have the motivation to take photos.  After we got a new camera I was back into taking photos because I liked using the camera.

I’m sure there are other things that I could think of in my personal life where this concept is true.  It’s interesting to think about.

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One Response to If You Like It You’ll Use It

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    I am glad you are enjoying wordpress. I am as well. After the first few days of total confusion, things began to make sense and to fall into place. The nice thing is that there is so much more to learn here, if I choose to. But, I can take my time because I am happy with how my blog looks.

    I am so happy that most of our Vox friends have come here and I hope they will stick with it until they learn how to navigate here!! There are people I miss already!

    I check Vox every day and there are more people coming. That is exciting!! I, like you, have been on here more. Some of it has been just trying to learn my way around. My blog may not appeal to the general public since I password protect a lot.

    I am enjoying hearing that people are beginning to like it here!! I am too!

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