I have tabs that are always open in my browser.  They’re always in the same order too.   Out of these open tabs I’d say that I spend the most time at Facebook.

It’s like one stop shopping for me.  I’ve got friends and family that I connect with there.  I have friends that I’ve reconnected with after not having contact for over 25 years.  It’s an easy place for family to see what I’m doing.  I have friends from various stages in my life (grade school, high school, college, and post college working) that I can keep up with.

It doesn’t take much effort on my part to write a status update.  I’m not one of those people posting an update every hour.  You won’t know what I eat for my meals every day.  I usually post about some random thing I’ve been doing on some random thought that’s on my mind.  I don’t even update my status every day.

My Facebook “friends” are people that I really know.  I’ve added some people from high school and later removed them because there hasn’t been a real interest in getting back in touch.  I’ve had people send friend requests that I’d rather not stay in touch with that I’ve ignored.  I’m not one of those people looking to have as many friends as possible.  I got for quality, not quantity.

There are only a couple of games that I play on Facebook.  And they’re the kind that don’t require you to have millions of friends also playing the game.  I hate spamming friends with that crap and don’t enjoy getting it.  Being able to “hide” applications is a great option.

I’m probably not a typical Facebook user.  I don’t want to find every single person I can think of there and become friends.  I don’t want to be friends with strange people I don’t know just to have more of an advantage in gaming.  I’m also not anti-Facebook for the sake of not wanting to follow the crowd.

I’ve made Facebook work for me and like what I’m doing with the place.

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2 Responses to Facebooking

  1. I used to do a lot with Facebook, but find that I am backing off more and more (probably because I spend my free “comptuer” time blogging!) I used to accept all friend requests, but then realized how silly that was. If I didn’t talk to these people in high school, why are they on my Facebook page now? Just because they were a year or two ahead of me/behind me and I remember their name?

    What I find ironic is the fact that even though I’ve changed my way of thinking, I still feel guilty with the unanswered friend requests that are sitting in my box right now!

    • Amanda says:

      I sort of feel guilty about not accepting friends or removing people but overall not quite as much these days.

      I’m hoping that with my move here I’ll be blogging more and taking more time to actually write things. I like WP a lot better than Vox, which is why I didn’t post much there.

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