Free Stone

A couple of weeks ago Andrew and I were talking with my parents about peaches.  Andrew didn’t know what a “free stone peach” was.  After asking some friends if they knew the definition some did and some did not.

This got me wondering if this is another *east coast* thing.  I lived in Philadelphia until I was 13.  There are still some things that I say or way that I say them that are east coast.  It’s soda to me.  It’s a water fountain.  The list could go on.

So, do you know what a free stone peach is?

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2 Responses to Free Stone

  1. Erin Michel says:

    I grew up on a peach farm- I BETTER know! lol

    This is ErinGoBragh from Vox, BTW. I’m here at

    Glad you’ll still be blogging!

    • Amanda says:

      Cool that you grew up on a peach farm!

      I’ve got you added to my blog surfer. Seems like most people from Vox are migrating this direction.

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