Oh Deer!

We came home yesterday and went to let the dogs outside when we saw this.  A deer inside the fence!  This is a first.  We see them almost daily wandering around parts of the yard.

This mom had two fawns.  I’m not sure where the second one was when I took this photo.  It’s definitely not a “good” photo but it’s the only one I got.  Right after I took this photo mom floated over the fence and went into the woods with her kids.  She was apparently enjoying acorns that the oak has been dropping.

When Andrew let the dogs out before we went to bed she was back inside the fence!  Andrew didn’t realize this until he was already out there with the dogs.  He had a flashlight and was looking around when he caught her in the light.  The dogs went toward her and she again floated over the fence and ran off with her fawns.

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